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By the fireplace, MS, us
About me:
Professional mischief maker, competent napper, fun blogger, part-time hunter.
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Physical: Gray tabby, thick flowing coat, amber eyes, sharp clawed. Personality: Quick witted, mischief, playful, friendly to my allies, hisses at my enemies.
Favorite TV Shows:
Friends, milk, fish, sunny days, and yarn balls
Favorite Movies:
Dogs, wet weather, large trucks, and vacuum cleaners
Favorite Books:
My human teaches journalism to high school students. To cope, she has developed an eccentric sense of humor which she likes to share.

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Recently I was stress out. The worries and problems of life had overwhelmed me to the point of insanity. As I headed off for another day filled with a mindboggling maze of tasks, appointments, and disappoints, I found myself playing Christmas music on my iPod, though the holiday season was months off. The peaceful...
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My Hobbies

Hunting, mousing, napping, chasing balls of yarn, hiding house keys.

My Hangouts


Prowl by
Family Tree
Where everybody is family.


Christmas Village

Everyday is Christmas.

Favorite Foods

Warm milk, tuna fish, sushi, ice cream, and chicken.

Baba Yetu (Our Father)

Baba Yetu ("Our Father." It is the Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili)
Composed by Christopher Tin. First written for the game Civilization IV.

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